A Look At Different Types Of Carpet Cleaning Gilbert


Carpet cleaning is a work that is ignored by many people in the recent days as it will take more time to complete. There are many professional companies that are willing to do this work in an efficient manner. Here are some different types of carpet cleaning Gilbert used.

First is the hot water extraction cleaning that is also commonly known as steam carpet cleaning. In this process, hot water will be used under high pressure in order to remove the dirt on the carpet. A cleansing agent will be applied, and then the fiber will be brushed before rinsing so that all the dirt will be removed completely. Finally, the carpet will be dried. Normally, it will take around 2 hours in order to clean and 4 hours to dry a carpet of size 3000 sq.ft. Hence, most of the carpet companies will prefer to clean the carpet in the afternoon so that it will dry off at the night.

Another method that is used by the carpet cleaning company is the carpet shampooing. This method was introduced in the year of 1970. Usually, this type of cleaning will be used in order to remove dirt from heavily soiled carpet. The carpet cleaned with this method will take a long time to dry. The disadvantage of using this method is after the carpet dries it will become sticky as it will not be rinsed after shampooing.  Also, this will make way to re-soil very easily.

Encapsulation is a method that will used synthetic detergents to clean the carpets and in this method the dirt will be capsuled in the crystal formed after the foaming process. These crystals shall be vacuumed or brushed after the carpet is dried. This method is considered as a very good replacement for the shampooing method as it takes very less time to dry, and usage of water will be less.