SEO Tools That Would Help To Optimize Your Website


SEO is a crucial marketing strategy followed by most businesses all over the world. One of the primary goals of SEO is to rank your website in the SERPs. SEO is not as easy as search engines keep on updating their algorithms to withstand in the market. It is a long term strategy, and you may require consistent efforts to achieve it. SEO tools can help a great deal. You can look for the best seo hamilton services or choose other SEO agencies that assist in optimising your website. For more info on the SEO tools continue to read below.

Google Search Console-Analyzes Your Website
It is a popular SEO tool which is widely used by SEO experts and website owners. It is a perfect optimisation tool as it can analyse the performance of your website. Just add a brief HTML snippet for making use of the GSC. This tool collects information about the actual traffic of your site and where the traffic comes from. You can make use of the results of the tool to boost conversions and to rank better in the SERPs.

Google Analytics –Identifies Keywords
This is a common SEO tool which is used to understand the behaviour of websites. It can analyse the traffic to your site and identifies the keyword that helped visitors to reach your website. The use of the right keywords can assist a great in optimising your website. Keyword-based search is popular in recent years, and this SEO tool would help to rank your site better in the SERPs.

SEMrush-Performs Keyword Research
This is a great SEO tool which is of use for business websites. Digital marketer and SEO experts make use of this tool to perform keyword research for business websites. It also helps to analyse the keyword strategies of your competitors. With this tool, you can optimise landing pages of your website, run SEO audit and identify backlink opportunities. You get to know about the type of traffic that is generated for your site.

GTmetrix- Know Your Website’s Performance
With the help of the GTmetrix site analyser tool, it is possible to know how your website performs. You can also measure the loading speed of your website with this optimising tool. It is possible to test the loading speed of your website from different locations as the GTmetrix servers are located across the world.

Majestic –Audits Backlinks
Majestic is an easy to use tool for analysing your backlinks. It lets you know about the trustworthiness of the backlinks of your website. With this tool, it is possible to analyse the backlink of your competitors. Analysing the backlinks helps to improve the ranking of your site in the SERPs.

Moz Pro-Inclusive SEO Tool
This tool helps to meet the SEO requirements. The easy to use interface helps in analysing your website and offers insight to boost the search engine ranking.

The above are some of the top SEO tools that can be used for optimising websites. These tools help in a great deal to boost the search ranking by understanding the performance of your site.